Toddler Classes

We realize the distinction in school can be troublesome for mothers and little kids alike, considering this Spell have made our remain and play elective, which engages mothers to come and sit through the class, while also giving the decision of leaving. These classes will give nourishment to mothers and children exclusively, giving each opportunity of learning a second tongue at such a prosperous age. This is such an extremely profitable age for youngsters to modify a second vernacular into their life, giving accent capacity explicitly a colossal lift!


We can provide:


Morning classes - the mornings can be the best times for mums to utilise Spell's resources and get some rest bite, offering a 9:00 - 11:45 window on each day but Wednesday, consisting of groups and private classes, we have ensured our amazing educators are best set to teach your precious toddlers.


Afternoon Classes - from 14:00 - 16:30 we can offer your babies an amazing sprouting in giving our evening administrations, following indistinguishable structures from expressed in "types f classes we offer", we give the best asylum to your charming little heart warmers.

Private classes - we also offer amazing private classes where as one of our delightful teachers will be able to come and teach in your preferred location. Not only does this give you clarity of time consumed by travelling, it also gives you an opportunity to get yourself a much needed break.

Types of classes we offer :

One on one - a very interactive way of learning for your toddler as attention is at a great vocal point. Our educators can provide to the specific needs of your toddler, therefor designing a very tailored and suited structure plan in preparation of getting the best from your little bundles of joy.

Group - utilising group and social dynamics is aided in making these classes so extraordinary. With basic vocabulary lacking, yet easy to pick up for toddler's, we specialise in ensuring these classes posses lots of active and interactive games and challenges to bring the very best from your little angels.


Fun - It's games and activities that stimulate, not simply language acquisition at the best age for that but also general cognitive development. It's discovering, playing pretend, the introduction of crafting, simple games and nursery rhymes, fairy tales, these fun classes typify why toddlers love to come to Spell.

We offer all of the above classes in Arabic, Russian, Spanish, German, English, French, Italian, Polish, Armenian and Chinese.




Even our first breathes we had to learn!

Albert Einstein


We regard enlivening the necessities to learn in each understudy we are sufficient lucky to design. We regard all dimensions of comprehension and will draw in you to find the best balanced course and the most reasonable social affair to the dimension of your young. We quickly meet with the watchmen of our future understudies for a strategy talk going before which we test their youth's tongue aptitudes.


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