The expat working Mom : meet the founder of Spell Languages

With Monther's Day approaching, we tend to think of the beauty of motherhood, of the very special connection a child has with their mother, as well as of the gratitude we all carry for our Mother. Pragati Siddhanti from Be For Beauty blog decided to celebrate this special day this year by interviewing working expat mothers. Kasia Butty, the founder and head teacher of Spell Languages was one of the moms answeing the questions. You can read the interview below.


My name is Kasia Butty and I’m from Poland. I decided to move to Switzerland eight years ago to join my, then boyfriend, now husband. Little did I know back then that I would eventually think of Geneva as home. Today I live here, and I’m blessed with a wonderful 10 month old daughter. Also, I lead a dynamic, creative and playful language learning center for kids : it’s called Spell Languages. Being my own boss, and having an amazing team allow me to follow a less traditional path of a working expat mom and I love it!


How do you strike a balance between managing your career and your family?


One of my motivations when launching Spell Languages was my, back then, future child. Passionate about language acquisition, I wanted to provide my kid with linguistic conditions in which she’d be able to flourish, but also, as a mom, I wanted to spend as much time with my child as possible. Moreover, I dreamt of a work place where I could come with my baby and it would be considered normal. It took some time to set up, but today I finally am a mom and I feel extremely happy to have a flexible work schedule. Whenever I need to work, my daughter loves to go to “the office” with me. She has a wonderful play zone at her disposal there. Needless to say, the whole teachers team adores her and provides her with quality language immersion whenever they play with her. She’s also started attending classes already as well.


How do you find your “me time” and what do you do with it?


In my motherly nature, I remain extremely Eastern European. I want to seize every opportunity I have to spend with my baby and I enjoy it. If I do get to do something for myself, it’s an hour long, warm bath with some fruit, candles and relaxation music in the background. Other than that, just being around with my husband in the evening when she is asleep or working calmly all by myself helps me feel relaxed.


How different/difficult is this from your home country?


The maternity break in Switzerland is shorter and women are expected to return back at a 100% once they finish their leave. The situation is a little bit more relaxed in Poland and women can maintain a healthy work life balance. I really admire the spirit of the mothers over here; especially in cases where they work full time.


If there is one tip that you could give to other women in similar situations, what would it be?


To all the women with dreams, I say : dream big and go for it. Also, remember that love and passion are heavily contagious. Had I not taken a plunge a few years back, I wouldn’t live my dream maternity situation today… Dreaming works : this is what my mom taught me and this is what I want my daughter to know too.


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