Tailor made birthday parties for kids aged 2 - 12 in Geneva

February 18, 2019


Every parent knows their kid is unique and you are probably no exception to this rule ! Also, you probably love your children and want them to enjoy every moment of their life. Therefore, their birthdays are something you plan long ahead and you want these to be a day your child will remember for the rest of their life.

From one year to another and from one kid to another, your birthday party wishes might be varied and differ not only in terms of theme or activities, but also as far as the venu is concerned. Also, let’s face it, you have to look into budget and, last but not least, might want to have concerns about remaining sane on the very Day.

Now, there  is something you’ve long dreamt of and above all : that your child will sure love! Tailor made birthday parties by Spell Languages are something to definitely look into.

Here, every option is possible - and it works! Language wise? You can have it in English or in French or in both languages or yet in 8 other languages if need be. As far as the venue is concerned : It can be in the lovely playrooms of Spell Languages in the old town of Geneva or at your home, in the park, forest, at the river bank or in a restaurant of your choice. Also, you can choose to be involved or to have it all done for you. And above all, it is you and your child that decide on a theme and get to choose the activities that your birthday team will come up with for you. Yes! It is real! Treasure hunts for unicorn lovers, pirate adventures for those who want to go exploring the seas or yet gaming Birthday with some virtual reality mixed with super fun animations in real life: it is all possible. Moreover, the list is endless here and the only limit may be Your imagination.

Make your child’s party about Them, let yourself live this day like it should be lived & enjoy the greatest celebration!

For the details of the offer please visit: https://www.spell-languages.ch/birthday-party-kids



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