Learn French or English in Geneva: Parents, nannies and baby classes

February 15, 2019


It is a paradox that all the parents and care takers of young kids will understand : when you are on a parental leave, on one hand it feels like you have a lot of time, but on the other hand - you really have no time for yourself and even less so, for so called « adult activities » at all.

Indeed, one of the reasons for the above is that once you become a SAHM*, majority of the activities you’d dream of undertaking will not allow you to participate, as you’re accompanied by your child. So, probably, desperate to keep yourself and your baby busy, you will end up looking for baby activities that allow you to get out of home and see some other adults, who, yes, although sleep deprived, also long for being active and wish to enjoy their days.

Now, what if someone told you that you can actually conjugate focusing on yourself at this early stage of your kids life? Is learning a new language something you have ever considered? How about those fantasies of signing up for French classes and the constant race against time that would not allow you to do it?
Well, pack your baby toys, put your baby in a carrier and join the beginners or intermediate class of parents, nannies and their babies at Spell Languages as of now! A warm team and other parents are waiting for you ! Great, isn’t it?!

After a first wave of excitement you probably start questioning the idea though. There are things like scheduling issue and budget limits as well as, « ok, sounds great, but how will I actually learn with my baby around? » Finally, you probably wonder how will your baby feel in all that and if that’s not too much of neglecting your child while catering for your own needs. Right...?

Not to worry! First of all, the schedule here is flexible, meaning you communicate a week in advance the latest to which classes you intend to come (if to any) the following week. You can come as often as 4 times a week or as seldom as once a fortnight ! In both cases you’ll still make progress... and friends !
It does get better when you do your maths and realize that budget wise, if you enroll for a semester and come regularly, a class will cost you less than your an eat-out lunch. And last, but definitely not least : yes, you will learn! Plus, you know what? your baby is going to learn too! With Spell Languages being a leader in language acquisition methodology and their playful approach, you are guaranteed to slowly discover yourself thinking, speaking, playing and singing (ok, also baby songs) in French! Just give it a try...

As we speak about trying : Theory is great, but practice is perfect. Therefore, do not hesitate anymore and call for a free try out class!

C’est chouette ! N’est-ce pas?

You will find more information here : https://www.spell-languages.ch/parents-babies-nannies

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*stay at home Mom (or Dad)

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