Head Of Gaming Development

October 1, 2018


Since I was a little girl, video games were a huge part of my life. What started as a kid's pastime, turned into a passion and a tool that helped me sculpt and polish different skills. Notably, my English language skills.
As a non native speaker of English, video games were a fascinating portal that ushered me into mastering this amazing language that I grew very fond of. Video games pushed me to try harder and develop my comprehension as well as my communication skills.
Through online gaming, I’ve been able to create friendships, communicate with people from different cultures and backgrounds, as well as work on my English language skills for it’s the “official” mother tongue of gaming.
Here at Spell, we’ve noticed a growing fascination by video games amongst our students.And as we strive to give them the best learning experience possible, we’ve decided to implement a new learning mechanism through the Minecraft for Education platform.It’s an amazing world, filled with knowledge, challenges, adventure and fun which are the pillars upon which rests the whole foundation of Spell Languages.As well as being a translation student and a devoted teacher at Spell, I’ve worked very hard on my IT skills. Minecraft for Education Edition blends my passion for tech and my devotion for teaching which allowed me to be more creative and enjoy my job ten times more.This is a new journey that we embark on at Spell, and we’re very excited to have your children be part of the first page of this book we will write together throughout the years.


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