“Papa, please get the moon for me” by Eric Carle

January 30, 2018

Who doesn’t love Eric Carle? It’s impossible not to adore his works and admire his creative genius.  He is one of those authors who effortlessly mix the world-vision of a child with the facts related to the surrounding world. “Papa, please, get the moon for me” is no exception here. Monica is a little girl who looks out of her window each night, wondering about the moon. One day she asks her almighty father to get the moon for her. Papa, who loves his daughter dearly, is obviously unable to refuse and sets on the quest. Here the story, literally, unfolds. The creative author, Eric Carle does not get limited to the usual book page format. So, when Papa gets a very long ladder, we will literally and laterally unfold two extra pages. In his non-conformist way, the author makes reading a joyful experience to the kids of all ages. The pages unfolding in a number of ways only Carle could think of, foster the curiosity, but also stimulate the understanding. Last but not least, this story is a great tool for any parent and any teacher to help you stimulate kids’ interest in the moon phases and than, discuss those, introducing the subject more in depth!  


Extra :

1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGqAw7UM6qo

    - this is the most beautiful animation of the original story. It uses original & animated Carle’s illustrations, the magic of which is underlined by most breathtaking pieces of classical music by Julian Nott.



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