Polish Classes

Our Polish classes give babies, kids, adolescents and adults the opportunity to learn in stunning conditions and with teachers who enthuse their need to learn the Polish language. We can plan a perfect timetable for everyone, from our astounding cluster of classes as recorded.

We can offer you:

Toddler Lessons
young children rapidly learn tongue aptitudes and quickly hold all that they hear, so our 2 - 4 yr. olds make great strides on the path to becoming a dual speaker. We love their playful levels of their learning and our heavenly educators of Polish are driven in the mean to invigorate their aptitudes set.

Kids' Classes this, a time of inconceivable inventive and innovative preferred standpoint, we have the best procedures for learning Polish. We get the imaginative point of view of our youths and develop a made learning world around the pleasure and fulfilment they really crave and respond to.

Teenage classes an age where hobbies and interests fuel the learning engine. We use this fuel to build engaging themes that galvanize motivation with the mindful approach of our teachers.

Classes we offer :

Private we offer private lessons in Polish, available at/in your favoured condition. Giving proficient skill, quality and fun materials and also enthusiastic eagerness, we can tailor an ideal fit to any bustling timetable.

Fun - group - 50 min with our upbeat  Polish structures, we fabricate our classes in light of composed educational module, all while having the most happiest of climates to learn in. Most stunning things happen when we put our psyches at play. The thoughts are progressively presented and assessed . Children have the availability of an exercise manual and/or essentially gain ground by appearing in class.

Creative - group - 90 min or 4 hours with theme based games and activities, with age adapted book bestsellers, with music and physical activity along with our amazingly creative touches such as themed arts and crafts, these classes really stimulate the imagination and the motivation to speak a foreign language. Parents receive a weekly email follow up with a personalised idea of game and a craft to further practice the Polish language at home also.



The words must be counted, not                          weighed.

              Albert Brudzewski

We adore energizing the wants for learning in every understudy we are enough fortunate to train. We respect all levels of discernment and will enable you to locate the best adjusted course and the most reasonable social affair to the level of your youthful. We immediately meet with the guardians of our future understudies for a course of action talk going before which we test their childhood's tongue aptitudes.


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