Parents, nannies & Babies Classes

Learn French or English !


conjugate focusing on yourself  and being a great care taker :

sign up for our classes for adults accompanied by young kids aged 0-3

You will benefit from :

  • flexible schedule : communicate a week in advance the latest to which classes you intend to come (if to any) the following week. You can come as often as 4 times a week or as seldom as once a fortnight !

  • a network of likeminded parents

  • affordable fees : sign up for as short as one month or as long as a full term

  • skilled teachers team expertise

  • great learning environment


Interested to give it a try? Call us or drop us an email to book your free try out class !


C’est chouette ! N’est-ce pas?

"The game is one thing, the interaction is another"

Safa M. Zouaoui


We respect animating the necessities to learn in each understudy we are adequate fortunate to plan. We respect all levels of understanding and will engage you to locate the best adjusted course and the most sensible gathering to the level of your young. We rapidly meet with the guards of our future understudies for a course of action talk going before which we test their childhood's tongue aptitudes.


Place du Bourg-de-Four 4

1204 Geneva

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