The History Of Spell Languages

Spell languages was created in 2011 as a result of a need expressed by all children at one time or another in their lives: that of being able to learn in a good mood like when they play.


The founder, Kasia Kmiec, obtained her university degree in linguistics and language acquisition in 2010 and was confronted with many children in her entourage who had problems learning foreign languages, in a traditional way.

She accepted the challenge and then created the first room of Spell languages as well as announces her openness to the parents. In response to the opening, many children adhered to this new way of learning naturally and durably and came out of classes by surprising their parents with their new achievements.

One of her first students, Charlotte, made Kasia a delightful drawing in gratitude of her classes that she and her brother adore. Dorenavent, these three characters have ever since decorated the Spell languages logo.

The Spell languages team is always expanding, the pedagogical goals are becoming more and more defined and taught to teachers in a rigorous way, ensuring our tradition and morals stand firm.


One of the recommendations for the teacher Spell languages is to always stay tuned to the children and to dialogue as a team.  So, many games we use in class today originated from our students.


In addition, many of the services we offer our clients are derived from ideas offered by the parents of Spell languages ' children.

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