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Creative and Playful language classes for kids and parents

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Spell Languages was created to help your kids become better students of the world !

Our quality approach to helping young learners acquire foreign languages with lasting effect & ease, takes into account their language learning aptitudes and individual character strengths.

Based on 3 pillars : Play, Motivation and Experience, our methodology aims at helping kids strengthen their self confidence and love for learning.

Offering your child an early language immersion experience is a truly smart choice. Your child was born to absorb languages naturally. It is during early years that our brains are the most wired to acquire the new language systems with little to no effort, especially if provided with the right conditions. Enroll your kids to language classes they will love and let them amaze you with their linguistic genius !
Classes we offer
For babies, small ones and their parents
For the 2 to 4 years olds
Monday  10.30 - 11.30 Intermediate
Monday  14.00 - 15.00 Beginners, 
Tuesday  14:00 - 15:00 Intermediate,
Thursday 14:00 - 15:00 Beginners,
Friday    10:30 - 11:30 Intermediate 
Online Classes
For the 4 to12 years olds 
 For teenagers
We also have classes for adults.
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"Spell has become like a delocalized home from England for both my sons. Each week they come back with a smile on their face and so many new things to share."

- Myriam, mother of Karlo (8 years old) and Iban (5 years old), with Spell since 2015
"It is always a pleasure for Alice and Rémi to come to Spell on Saturday mornings to sing, play, learn and do amazing crafts on really original themes! A very fun way to practice English and to integrate a new language. We adore :o)

A great BRAVO to all the team !"

- Celine, mother of Remi and Alice, with Spell since 2015
"Rose is enrolled in the English lessons in Spell Languages (toddler group) since 2015. She takes great pleasure coming each week and cannot wait for Mondays to come.

As parents, we appreciate the fun and creative approach of the teachers and how the atmosphere is always friendly.  FurtherMore, the results are there! With no efforts and through playing, Rose is integrating the language and is starting to express herself in English. We highly recommend this school. Thank you Spell Team!"

- Parents of Rose, 3.5 years old

"My daughter loves her lessons. She is thriving, having fun, and managed to integrate English on a daily basis. Thanks to the pedagogy through playing and themes which are interesting to the students, my daughter refuses to miss out on any lessons! Bravo and thank you."

- Griselda, mother of Authilia, 9 years old, private lesson
"Our daughter Emilia has always had a lot of pleasure coming to the English lessons here at Spell. She first started with the Wednesday afternoon classes in Vernier.

During the open days in 2016, she won a free week for their summer camp. She loved it so much we had to enroll her to the creative Saturday classes to make her wait for the following summer. The kindness of the teachers and their pedagogy, as well as the diversity of the themes are not foreign to Emilie’s eagerness to learn.

As parents, it is with total confidence that we entrust our daughter to the Spell team."

- Emilie’s parents
"Spell is a dynamic school offering our children a modern approach to education and learning a new language. We highly appreciate the relationship with all the team and the feedback on the development of our child’s knowledge and behavior. Our son has made some new friends and is delighted to learn and use his recently acquired English."

- Parents of Nils, 6 years old, creative class, with Spell since 2014
"Darian was 4 when he started attending the English classes on Saturday morning. We initially thought it was much better to spend his time on playing with other children in English than doing usual supermarket Saturday visit with us. It has been fourth year since he has started, he has his "Spell" friends now, he loves it, he understands a lot and can speak basic English without being aware of it. The young people working with them are doing a great job as the children do not know really if they are their teachers or friends, which has been one of the objectives. They have fun and learn! Thanks Kasia & Co!!!"

- Parents of Darian, at Spell since 2013
"Spell's value proposition is unparalleled and unique. I would say it is  a true gem here in Geneva.  Spell provides with a safe,comfortable and friendly environment where a kid can thrive and develop language skills while having fun at the same time. Leonardo's favorite day of the week is Wednesday when he can play all day in English in a positive setting with capable, empathetic and trained teachers. We never speak English at home so I was amazed to see he can elaborate full sentences and play with his American neighbour the same way he plays in French with his mates at school. And when he started to correct my prononciation, then I thought a Spell for adults should also exist...!"

- Laura, mom of Leonardo, at Spell from 2 to 7 years old and from beginner to fully bilingual level